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Designing with the natural world

Synchronizing to the light throughout the day with color-changing textiles wallscapes.

Concept Overview

Merging (project title) is an in-process body of work exploring 3D weaving, color gradients, interactive compounds, and technology with the purpose of uniting urban landscapes with the natural environment.

Taking the form of a woven wall-panel, Merging targets a wide array of audiences, through its multifunctional structure and proposed installation throughout personal and domestic spaces, business/office spaces, in the lobbies of public institutions, and in publicly accessible educational environments.

Merging actively changes color in direct response to light and temperature - achieved through the use of innovative photochromic dyes, thermochromic dyes, and custom circuit boards - to visualize a reciprocal relationship between the work and the surrounding natural environment. Color is utilized to convey a universal visual message about our engagement with the natural world that moves beyond borders and languages. In an effort to interrogate constructed notions of nature/culture separation so often implicit in our interior spaces. Ultimately, Merging serves as a step towards reimagining how we habituate ourselves within built and natural environments, in order to move towards more reciprocal, symbiotic, present ways of being in the world.

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